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EcoPoxy - Liquid Plastic - 3 L Kit - 2:1 Ratio Mix

Eco Poxy

EcoPoxy - Liquid Plastic - 3 L Kit - 2:1 Ratio Mix

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EcoPoxy - Liquid Plastic - 3 L Kit - 2:1 Ratio Mix


Liquid Plastic is a 100% solids, two component epoxy formulated for a long gel time. It has a low exothermic heat buildup and cures to a crystal clear solid that will not stress crack in most circumstances. Perfect for casting and see-through encapsulation, Liquid Plastic can be poured at any thickness and cures to a water like appearance. Liquid Plastic is crystal clear, accentuating and magnifying objects it encapsulates. It cures slowly, allowing entrapped air bubbles to escape. Liquid Plastic is a product that can be trusted, and is truly beautiful to behold. 

NOTE: the 1:1 ratio is a casting resin made to remain flexible when casting objects in large amounts of resin.

NOTE: the 2:1 ratio is intended to be used for projects such as woodworking as it allows for a harder finish.

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